Transportation/Trucking Insurance in Denver, CO

All-Round Insurance Coverage for Your Property on the Move

All-Round Insurance Coverage for Your Property on the Move

Whether you are a mail distributor with a small box truck or an over-the-road trucker carrying cargo across the country, you need trucking insurance to cover you and your goods while you are on the road. For over a decade, Riverbend Insurance has been offering best-in-class truck insurance in Denver, CO, that ensures unparalleled protection and peace of mind to truckers.

Insure Your Trucks with Us and Drive Peacefully

Insure Your Trucks with Us and Drive Peacefully

It takes just a matter of minutes for accidents and unforeseen damages to happen. To ensure protection in such instances, having a commercial truck insurance policy is vital. This policy covers financial losses resulting from at-fault accidents, including medical expenses, compensation for property damage, and legal fees if you are sued.

The type of truck insurance coverage you need will depend on whether you are a:

  • Owner Operator
    Owner-operators drive under a permanent lease or work under their own authority. If you work under a permanent lease, your motor carrier will provide liability coverage while you have to buy other coverages, such as physical damage coverage and non-trucking liability coverage. However, if you work under your own authority, you will have to buy all these coverages yourself.
  • Motor Carrier
    Motor carriers are those who employ truck drivers to operate their vehicles. As per law, all motor carriers must carry liability insurance to safeguard their drivers from at-fault accidents. Besides this, you can buy uninsured motorist coverage, motor truck cargo insurance, etc., depending on your requirement.
  • Private Carrier
    If you carry cargo in your truck for an employer or your company, you will need private truck insurance. Private truck insurance includes multiple coverage options to pay for liability claims and third-party medical bills, and property damage.
Secure Your Trucking Business with Riverbend

Secure Your Trucking Business with Riverbend

Our truck insurance in Denver, CO, is designed to offer the following coverage options to protect your truck and goods against unique exposures on and off the road:

  • Commercial Auto Liability Coverage
    Covers legal expenses, property damage, and bodily injury resulting from accidents involving your truck
  • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage
    Protects motor carriers against losses resulting from damage, destruction, or theft of the cargo while it is being shipped
  • Non-Trucking Liability Coverage
    Covers accidents that occur while you are running a personal errand
  • Physical Damage Coverage
    Covers damage to your truck caused by collision and other perils, such as fire, vandalism, theft, flood, windstorm, and hail
  • General Liability Coverage
    Covers third-party bodily injury and property damage caused by your product, service, or employees
  • Cyber Liability Coverage
    Covers data breaches and claims involving the loss of confidential business data and customers’ or employees’ personal information
Depend on Us to Protect Your Trucks Anytime, Anywhere

Depend on Us to Protect Your Trucks Anytime, Anywhere

At Riverbend Insurance, we specialize in writing policies for all types of trucks, from tractor-trailers to vans, box trucks, and owner-operator fleets. Our extensive experience and personalized insurance solutions help us meet the unique coverage needs of your trucking business. With our reliable and responsive service, you can get answers to all your insurance-related queries and make informed decisions concerning your coverage.

To get started on your all-inclusive commercial truck insurance in Denver, CO, contact us today at info@rbinsurance.net or call us at (303) 331-0100.