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Secure Your Restaurant Against Potential Risks with Our Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants must have adequate insurance as they face several potential risks each day. As a restaurant owner, your priority must be to get the best insurance coverage that covers you and your business at all times. Restaurant insurance is a specialized insurance that effectively covers all aspects of your business ranging from your property and inventory to your workers and customers.

For best coverage, you must get restaurant insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers and select one that offers maximum coverage at affordable rates. At Riverbend Insurance, we select the best option from a wide range of top-rated insurance carriers for your specific needs.

Significance of Insurance for Your Restaurant

Restaurant insurance can protect your business against severe financial losses and loss of reputation against several types of perils such as:

  • Third-party lawsuits
  • Fires
  • Workers’ comp
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
Restaurant Insurance-Specific Laws and Regulations in Denver, CO

Restaurant Insurance-Specific Laws and Regulations in Denver, CO

The state of Colorado has laid down insurance laws for greater safety and transparency for all small businesses including restaurants.

  • It mandates that all restaurants provide workers’ comp insurance for their employees.
  • Any vehicle, owned, borrowed, or leased, that is used by your restaurant must be insured.
  • Under the state’s dram shop law, restaurants will be held liable for serving alcohol to minors or for over-serving a customer.

Types of Restaurant Insurance Coverages

  • General liability insurance It covers lawsuit costs resulting from third-party injuries and property damage due to slips and falls, mishaps, food poisoning incidents, and other similar incidents within your restaurant premises. It also covers product liability for injuries caused by your products and personal and advertising injuries that includes libel, slander, and copyright infringements.
  • Commercial property insurance It covers the repair, replacement, or rebuilding of building structures including structural renovations, equipment, and other business-related assets within the property from covered perils.
  • Business interruption insurance It covers lost income and operating expenses incurred by your restaurant due to temporary closing down. It may be due to extensive damage to the property caused by a covered peril that makes it unsafe.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance It covers medical, lost income, and rehabilitation for injured workers and end-of-life and death benefits for deceased workers caused by workplace-related injuries and illnesses
  • Liquor liability insurance It covers claims of bodily injury or property damage caused by an inebriated customer who has been served alcohol in your restaurant. Besides protecting your business from expensive lawsuits, it may be a requirement in your commercial lease agreement or to get a liquor license.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance Restaurant business operations rely on the functioning of several types of equipment such as commercial stoves, refrigerators, freezers, and ovens among others. A breakdown of any one piece of equipment can negatively impact your business. This insurance will cover equipment breakdowns or damages caused by a covered peril such as power surges, electrical shorts, and others.


The major risks linked with restaurants are liability charges for mishaps, fire, and illness caused by eating your food to name a few.

Mishaps can occur at any time, bringing with them a severe financial setback for your small business if it does not have sufficient coverage protection.

If you are looking for restaurant insurance coverage near you in Denver, CO, contact our team at Riverbend Insurance today. We can find you the most cost-effective all-inclusive coverage for your restaurant’s specialized needs.

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