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Small Business Insurance Quotes for Restaurants in Colorado

Throughout Colorado, the state has many fine restaurants. If you own a restaurant in Colorful Colorado, then it’s extremely important to get a small business insurance quote. Any restaurant owner knows that anything can happen in their establishment. Anything from property damage to accidents with employees or customers, it’s crucial that you have your establishment insured. There are many different types of coverage you can get under a small business insurance plan. We understand that you’re working really hard with your restaurant and that you don’t have the time to research the insurance you need. But that’s where Riverbend Insurance can help. Our experienced agents can help you pinpoint the best insurance plan for your restaurant. We have experience in helping restaurants throughout Colorado find the perfect plan that fits their needs. After all, not all restaurants are alike and each one has unique requirements.

Types of Coverage for Restaurants

There are several things to look at when you need an insurance quote for your restaurant. That’s why it’s essential to find an agent who knows exactly what your restaurant needs in regard to the best coverage. At Riverbend Insurance, our agents do just that. We’ll go over how your restaurant operates, how many employees you have, estimate your customer volume and where in Colorado your restaurant is located. We want to understand as much as possible so that we can find the best options for coverage and give you the best rates.

  • Property Insurance - Property insurance is there to cover any type of loss or damaged property under common perils such as fire or theft. It isn’t just for the physical structure of the property either. It can cover losses that are marked as personal property too. For a restaurant this could include food products, computers, furnishings, kitchen equipment, etc. In addition, and depending on the type of coverage, it could cover other things such as equipment breakdown, removing debris from a fire or other kinds of destructive events and water damage. These are things to keep in mind and to ask your insurance agent when looking at different insurance quotes.
  • Liability Insurance - Liability is always essential because any type of business is prone to lawsuits. In the restaurant business, this is especially true. Food-borne illnesses are something that any restaurant could face in terms of being sued, or for slip-and-falls in and outside of your property. Liability insurance can cover damages that you as the restaurant owner are found liable for, attorney or any other legal defense expenses and medical bills for anyone injured on your property.
  • Business Auto Insurance - This type of coverage is fundamental for food trucks, catering services or restaurants that deliver. The insurance will pay for any damages done to a third party in which your establishment is found liable for.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance - The law in Colorado requires that all public and private employers with one or more full/part time employees must provide workers’ compensation coverage. Workman’s comp is there to cover medical expenses and lost wages for an employee who is injured during employment, no matter who is at fault.
  • Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) - A BOP typically works as a comprehensive plan bundling other insurance coverage into a package that is sold as a single contract. This type of plan is excellent and very suitable for small businesses such as privately-owned restaurants.

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Riverbend Insurance is a locally owned and operated insurance company in Denver. We understand Colorado and you can rely on us to pinpoint the best coverage for your restaurant in the state. Make sure to get your establishment covered and get an insurance quote for your restaurant. Call Riverbend Insurance today at (303) 331-0110 or get a quote online with one of our professional insurance agents.

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