Apartment Insurance in Colorado

Apartment Insurance

Commercial Apartment Insurance in Colorado

There are many risk factors to consider when you own a building that sustains multi-family housing units. At Riverbend Insurance we offer apartment complex insurance because it’s not only important to secure your property, but also your tenant’s homes. We are locally owned and operated in Colorado to more conveniently and efficiently provide commercial apartment insurance to you. Make sure to protect your investment from any potential damage.

Choosing a tenant that will be reliable with their rent and take care of the interior dwelling is perhaps the most obvious part of caring for your apartment complex. However, what happens if something goes wrong with the building itself? That’s where apartment insurance is a crucial component of owning an apartment building. After all, a tenant wants to live in a sound structure and a landlord wants to own one.

We will cover any part of the complex on the property such as:

  • Apartments buildings
  • Tenants
  • Storage units
  • Parking structures
  • Recreation areas
  • Leasing office

Don’t leave anything to chance and risk having an unforeseen natural disaster or vandalism leave you with a subpar building to take care of on your own. Take the necessary precautions so you can be prepared to face the unexpected. You’ll be glad you took this very important step with a company you can trust to make you a priority.

Apartment Complex Coverage

Remember that your rate may vary depending on several components such as year built, size, type of building and location. Despite that, we still aim to tailor your coverage to your budget and needs. You’ll always get the same great service and attention regardless of the policy you have. We just want to help you make a common-sense decision that will work for your particular set of circumstances.

We offer flexible and comprehensive coverage policies because of the various apartment complex types out there. If you are the owner of a single building, then your insurance needs will be different than someone who has several properties. On top of that, if you have any of the following you may want to add further coverage:

  • Swimming pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Basketball or tennis courts
  • Lakes
  • Clubhouse

What you may want to look into are the not so obvious scenarios in which you may need coverage. There are general maintenance issues, like having sewage back up into a unit or tree branches causing damage to the roof.

The apartment complex insurance we offer is great because it covers several key incidents like:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Loss of Income
  • Employee, tenant or visitor injury
  • General maintenance like roof repairs

Being an apartment building owner or landlord can be very financially rewarding. We’re here to help you when the risks may start outweighing the reward. There is no reason this should happen if you have the appropriate insurance policy to maintain it. Get peace of mind knowing your apartment complex is guarded against these liabilities.

Get a Quote for Apartment Building Insurance

Riverbend Insurance has knowledgeable and dedicated commercial apartment insurance agents in Colorado to answer any questions. With the complex set of risks involved in being a property owner, you’ll want experienced professionals in your corner. We put our customers first and pride ourselves in establishing long-held relationships. Take advantage of the personalized service and customer support we deliver from day one.

Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to working with you. Please call our office at (303) 331-0100 to get a quote, whether you’re shopping around for coverage or are ready to get a quote.

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