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Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance in Denver, CO

Denver is known for great restaurants, bars and cafes. Whether you're getting ready for opening night or ready to switch to a better restaurant insurance policy, Riverbend Insurance serves fine-dining and QSR establishments across the Denver, CO area.

Liability Insurance for Restaurants

From fires and forces of nature to conflicts with employees and customers, there's a lot that can happen while running a restaurant. That's why there are many types of policies applicable to the restaurant industry. The trick is figuring out which policies are needed most. Riverbend Insurance's knowledgeable agents can help you pick a policy that's right for you. At the minimum, all restaurants should have general liability insurance to protect can you in cases of lawsuits, injuries on your property, medical costs, property damage, third-party damage and food borne illness and more.

Other Coverage for Restaurants


Restaurants have a lot of moving parts that should be insured in case of an accident. Some of these policies include:

  • Property insurance - These policies cover the property your restaurant sits on as well as equipment, furniture and other structures on the property such as patios and storage areas. Property insurance for restaurants can keep you covered for repairs or replacement in cases of fires, theft, windstorms or other events.
  • Business owner's policy - As a business owner, you need to protect yourself against problems that may come with serving customers and holding employees. Business owner's policies generally bundle general liability and property insurance policies into one. For example, business owner's policies can cover you if you have to close for repair or rebuild after a covered property loss event.
  • Workers' comp - Your employees work hard, but accidents can still happen. Workers' comp protects your team from accidents and illnesses on the job. In these cases, it covers their medical expenses and lost wages. Some policies can also be paired with employer's liability insurance that protects you from the expenses that come when compensating your employee or any legal bills and damages owed to employees in the situation.
  • Commercial auto insurance - Food trucks, catering and deliveries are big in Denver, CO. If your restaurant has a mobile component that requires a vehicle to work, consider commercial auto insurance from Riverbend Insurance. This policy protects your restaurant and employees from medical, legal and repair costs in a car accident. Learn more about our commercial auto insurance policies here.

Get a Quote for Restaurant Insurance

Denver is home to world-class restaurants like yours, make sure your employees, customers and business is protected with restaurant insurance. Accidents happen, especially in the food business, so go with the best policy for your restaurant. Riverbend Insurance can pair you with a policy that works for your business needs. Call us today at (303) 331-0110 or schedule an appointment online with one of our agents.

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