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Mechanic Shop Liability Insurance in Colorado

The hard work you’ve put into your mechanic shop has paid off, so why not protect that investment? Riverbend Insurance offers quality coverage from liability through our auto mechanic shop insurance in Colorado. It would be a shame to lose out on your hard-earned money if something were to happen. Our insurance agents are here to help you select the mechanic insurance that makes the most sense for your business. Get in touch with us right away to request a quote.

If you own a mechanic business in Colorado, having auto mechanic shop insurance is a must-have. You never know when an emergency might happen and these liabilities can cost you big time. When you’re covered by a good auto mechanic insurance policy, your entire business, including your mechanics, equipment and customers, will be covered in case of an accident. The auto mechanic shop insurance offered at Riverbend is fully comprehensive and offered at a reasonable price.

Why Purchase Auto Mechanic Insurance?

It’s important to purchase auto mechanic shop insurance because it creates a safeguard for your livelihood. Although a well-run mechanic shop can be very lucrative, it can take a major hit if it’s not prepared when problems arise. If an accident occurs that damages your customers’ property, or you’re held liable for false advertising claims, you may incur those financial costs as a result of your work.

Do you loan vehicles to clients? Does your current carrier cover you for this? You never know when an accident could happen, so it’s always best to expect the unexpected.

These are just some reasons why you should get auto mechanic shop insurance:

  • Flawed workmanship or defective parts
  • Theft or crime by an employee
  • Damage to a customer’s vehicle while in your possession
  • Interrupted business operations
  • Worker illness or injury
  • Fire, natural disaster, theft or vandalism
  • Slips and falls

If you are an auto mechanic shop owner, you should seriously consider the benefits of mechanic liability insurance.

What Does Mechanic Insurance Cover?

Every insurance provider is different, so you have to make sure you understand what your policy covers. Riverbend Insurance carries mechanic insurance that makes sense coverage-wise and keeps you within your budget. Since every auto mechanic shop also varies in size and services, a more expensive insurance isn’t always the one that’s right for you. We can work with you to create the best policy for your situation.

Auto mechanic shop insurance provides coverage for the following types of liabilities:

  • Damage to rented property: If your work is carried out in a rented space, the owner of the lot may hold you responsible damages that happen on the property.
  • Personal and advertising injury: These are losses that happen as a result of slander, libel or accusations of false advertising.
  • Medical expense limit: If someone is injured on the premises, their medical bills will be covered up to a limited amount.
  • Property damage: When you’re working on a customer’s property, accidents might happen. If that occurs, make sure you have auto mechanic shop insurance to back you up.
  • Bodily injury: In case of a bodily injury to you or a customer, your auto mechanic insurance will cover costs associated to that.
  • Completed products and services: After completing a service, a customer files a lawsuit for a defective part you installed. Mechanic insurance can also protect you from these allegations.

Imagine what a relief it would be to have comprehensive coverage if a workplace hazard or emergency threw you for a loop. When you get auto mechanic shop insurance through Riverbend Insurance in Colorado, you can count on our reliable coverage.

Contact Riverbend Insurance Today!

Riverbend Insurance can help you with the liabilities you may deal with as an auto mechanic shop owner. Mechanic insurance is available for you when you most need and we are here to advise you along the way. We offer quality auto mechanic shop liability coverage for business owners in Colorado that want to protect their financial futures. Call our team at (303) 331-0100 to request a quote.


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